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The world is on hold. Immersion doesn't have to be.

Spend an hour a week practicing Spanish with an Olas mom, starting at $13/hr.

Get an extra FREE session when you purchase our 12 week Summer Session plan today.

Boost your Spanish confidence: speak with a mom.

Have you always wanted to speak Spanish fluently but never found the perfect fit? Sign up for personalized Spanish lessons taught by moms in vulnerable Central American communities. 


One-on-one conversational lessons with a mom who cares about you, live through WhatsApp audio and video function.


Speak with confidence. Be part of a sustainable, financially empowering solution. Starting at $13/hr. 

Welcome to the heart of language learning.

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Guatemala City Garbage Dump.jpg

Boost your Spanish confidence: speak with a mom.

In the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, the average woman has a 4th-grade reading level, has rarely touched a computer, and makes $3-$5 per day engaging in dangerous work that puts her and her children at risk.

However—and this is a big however—she uses WhatsApp audio and video every day to communicate with friends and family. At Olas, we use this extremely recent and growing trend of com-tech penetration in Central America to employ her through technology with which she is already comfortable. 

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