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Classroom Registration For Educators

Step 1: Submit Class Registration Form below.


Please submit a form for every class where you plan to implement Olas (for one class with multiple sections a single form is fine).

Step 2: Download WhatsApp Here


For Olas Moms, Whatsapp is an easy and reliable way to communicate with you and your students because it supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, as well as voice and video calls using the phone's Internet connection and avoiding SMS fees.

Step 3:  Be on the lookout for your Olas mom(s) to contact you! 


We will pair you with an Olas mom(s), who will create a WhatsApp conversation with you near your partnership start date to discuss tema / logistics.

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What Happens after I register?

  • Once you have submitted a form for each of your classes, each class will have a unique identifier that will be used to track your course. The identifier will look like: "Your last name-Your class name-Your school name-Semester". 

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  • We will pair you with an Olas mom, and she will create a group conversation via WhatsApp near your partnership start date. This conversation will consist of you, herself, and our programming team, and will serve as a home base for us all for the duration of your partnership. You can introduce yourself and discuss tema & logistics with her. 

  • You may also be contacted by a team member via email if you require any of the following resources: 

    • Our shared educator drive with our banco de tema bank & additional resources 

    • Student coupon codes

    • Google Sheet session-recording tracker 

  • Tell your students to register for your class here  using your Class ID “Professor last name-class name- school name-Semester”. They will need to know what session package to purchase and their coupon code, if applicable. 

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