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Olas in the Classroom

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Olas adapts to your curriculum so that students can reinforce and apply their learning. We also develop personalized curriculum to facilitate meaningful conversation and connection around topics of interest in Spanish education.  

Through Olas in the classroom, students practice their conversational Spanish and engage in cross-cultural exchange. Together we create safe sustainable income opportunities in the communities Olas serves.


Seminar Model

Invite an Olas conversation partner to your classroom to virtually engage in a dialogue with the whole class around topics to promote student learning. Olas also offers group sessions with the Olas team in Spanish or English to discuss Olas' mission and key themes of social impact and community development.

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Homework Sessions

Integrate one-on-one Olas sessions into your curriculum to help your students greatly accelerate their speaking and listening skills, and build bridges for cross-cultural understanding. These sessions typically take place out of class, and you set the deadlines.

Learning Trips to Guatemala

Olas partners with schools and other groups for in-person experiences that are rooted in community, education, and cultural exchange. 

Highlighting Olas Classroom Stories

Deeper Learning Case Study: Westridge School for Girls

“Project Olas has made [my students] more culturally aware and more empathetic and, for quite a few, the result is they want to go further in advanced language studies.”


- Dr. Perez del Toro, Spanish Educator


“That was such a pivotal point for my Spanish education. Project Olas encouraged me to look beyond school and textbooks. It helped me connect the language to real lives, people, and culture.”

- Isabella Hart, Student 

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See full-length school testimonial 

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