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Club Olas
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What is Club Olas?

Club Olas is a national network of high school and college students passionate about language learning and global social impact. Club Olas chapters across the US build tight-knit communities while raising awareness of the social, political, and economic realities of Olas moms and their communities. 

What do we do?

The Club Olas National Network hosts events and fundraisers to further the mission of the Olas family. From trivia nights to raffle fundraisers, we aim to create connections within and between our chapters. Individual club chapters strengthen this connection in their own communities through launching similar initiatives.

How can I join?

Reach out to the Club Olas team at to learn more about how you can start a chapter at your high school or university. As a Club Olas President, you will join a growing community of over 27 Club Olas chapters. Our club leaders are indispensable to our work and we work with you every step of the way to establish a chapter. We are excited to get to know you!

Be sure to follow us at @clubolasnational on Instagram.

Our Story

At the heart of Olas is the power of human connection. When Project Olas launched during COVID-19 to provide moms a safe and sustainable income, we witnessed the creation of lasting cross-cultural connections between Olas moms and their students. As this global community grew, we found that students wanted more – the opportunity to create change alongside peers committed to social impact and Spanish language learning.


Club Olas was born out of this desire to expand the Olas community to high schools and colleges nationwide. Club Olas chapters further the vision of Olas, creating a world where every mom has access to safe, sustainable work and where every student can build lasting relationships and change through language learning. 


We did not stop there. Seeing the growing philanthropic work of our students, we founded a nonprofit called The Olas Foundation. The Olas Foundation works alongside Project Olas to promote social impact through connecting, empowering, and advancing students and moms who live in communities like Zona 3. We do this by fostering community within Club Olas chapters, creating the Olas Scholarship Fund and Club Olas Member Fund to promote educational equity, and funding support programs for Olas moms.

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Our Mission

IG: @clubolasnational

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Connection: Club Olas

Club Olas chapters are founded by self-starting students at high schools and colleges across the country, creating connections with Olas moms employed in language lessons, within each club chapter, and across the National Network.

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Empowerment: Olas Funds

Promoting educational equity is fundamental to the work of The Olas Foundation. Our Olas Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for low-income students to access immersive Spanish language lessons with Project Olas.

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Advancement: Olas Moms' Support Programs

The Olas Moms’ Support Programs promotes the advancement of Olas moms through funding English lessons, tech-literacy programs, and more to ensure that every mom’s aspirations become reality.

As a non-profit organization, The Olas Foundation advances social impact in communities surrounding garbage dumps worldwide while promoting educational equity for students. Our work is centered on connecting, empowering, and advancing language students in the US and mothers who live in these communities.

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