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Featured Olas Moms


Jeannette is the kind of person who lights up a room. Her laugh is infectious, and her sense of humor is even better. If you get to know her really well, she’ll tell you exactly how she feels about her neighbors’ noisy parrots– hint: it involves dinnertime. If you’re lucky, you also might get to meet her 3 cats.


Liby is a spunky, sweet super star. Liby has a real knack for teaching and invites her students into her life with such warmth they feel as if they’re there. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet her two adorable daughters.


Rosaura is a ray of sunshine. Her kindness and selflessness radiate through to her students who come away from every lesson a little warmer than when they came. Rosaura will welcome you into her life, and—as some students have told us—maybe even change yours.


Suny has a heart of gold. She has devoted her life to working hard to provide for her six children, whom she loves to talk about. Somehow, even with her responsibilities as a mother of six, she finds time to run a women’s group for other mothers in her community. She finds her strength in holding up those around her. 


Mirna is a steadfast leader in her community. Most recently, she helped her community to get potable water, but she’s also been known to give speeches and is the woman that younger girls in her community go to for guidance. Mirna finds her strength through service and connection. Students are struck by her humility and warmth.

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