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FAQs for Educators

1. I’m interested in bringing Olas to my classroom, what should I do? 

You can easily contact us here or you can  set up a meeting with our team at the time/date that best fits your schedule in our team calendar here

2. After getting the proposal, what are the next steps?  

Step 1: Go to our classroom registration page and submit class registration form (Please submit a form for every class where you plan to implement Olas)


Step 2:  Download WhatsApp for free here: and be on the lookout for your class' Olas mom(s) to contact you! 

We will pair you with an Olas mom, who will create a WhatsApp conversation with you near your partnership start date to discuss tema / logistics.

Step 3: Tell your students to register for your class here
using your Class ID “Professor last name-class name- school name-Semester”. 


3. For one-on-one sessions, would my students set up the session times with the Olas mom?

Yes, each student will receive a calendly link (IN WHATSAPP) where they can select the date/time that best suits their schedule. Making sure to schedule them before any due dates specified by the professor.

4. Why ProjectOlas uses WhatsApp? 

According to the records of the SIT, in Guatemala there are more cell phones than inhabitants and thanks to telephone companies offering cheap, unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp tech penetration has increased. 


For Olas Moms, whatsapp is an easy, simple and reliable way to communicate with students, because it supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, as well as voice and video calls using the phone's Internet connection and avoiding SMS fees.

5. How does WhatsApp work?


Download WhatsApp for free here: 


WhatsApp supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, and location, as well as voice and video calls. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.

6. Can the one-on-one sessions be on zoom? 

Yes, when registering your class you’ll be able to indicate what platform you prefer to use for 1:1 sessions for your students. 


Whatsapp is always required to maintain constant communication with Olas moms. This chat will serve as a home base for the semester.  Students will be able to schedule their 1:1 sessions directly, troubleshoot any issues, send images, PDFs, and more. 

7. Can I access my students’ recordings/progress? 


Sure, our support team can send you this upon request. Please contact to set this up.


8. What are my choices with temario?


Once your chat is created, you can share with your Olas Mom (s) what temas you want to cover, or you can also access our bank of temas upon request. Please contact to set this up.


9. What is the cancelation/change session policy? 


In the spirit of offering sustainable and reliable work for Olas moms, Project Olas allows cancellation/rescheduling within 24 hours of a planned session. Cancellations/rescheduling after that time will be charged in order for Olas moms to be compensated fairly for their time. 


10. How do seminars work?


Seminars work like an in-classroom guest speaker. You will have an Olas mom coming to your classroom via Zoom to engage in a dialogue with the whole class. When purchasing seminars for your class and after completing the registration process, an Olas Mom(s) will be assigned to you, and she will create a chat via WhatsApp.


Once your chat is created, you will share with your Olas Mom(s) what temas you want to cover. She will also give you access to her personal calendar to schedule your class’s seminars. Whenever you are scheduling your sessions, please remember:

  • ·Select the slots that say “Seminario” and are the correct length of time. 

  • Input your and your school’s name in the description field.


Once you're done scheduling, you're ready to go! You can find the seminar dates and times in your Google Calendar.


11. How does a one-on-one session work?


These sessions take place out of class as homework sessions  in line with any tema and deadlines you might set.

Each student will engage in individual conversation sessions with an Olas mom outside of the classroom to accelerate their speaking and listening skills.

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